Live vault: Maximo Park in Edinburgh (2007)

"We are Maximo Park, there's very little doubt in our minds about that..."

Here are six songs from a live session the Park did recently for XFM Scotland. I couldn't be bothered to rip the whole gig, sorry. I've never seen them live, but the songs sound really similar to their studio counterparts, which makes them seem less interesting. Although, I imagine the live Maximo experience is more about the energy and the jumping. I'd have loved to have caught their recent shows with Art Brut (speaking of, Eddie's tour diary is back).

Anyway, here are some songs from Maximo Park - give 'em a spin. Maybe, just maybe, this is the last time I'll post 'Apply Some Pressure' for a while.

[download Maximo Park - Graffiti (live in Edinburgh)]
[download Maximo Park - Girls Who Play Guitars (live in Edinburgh)]
[download Maximo Park - The Unshockable (live in Edinburgh)]
[download Maximo Park - Our Velocity (live in Edinburgh)]
[download Maximo Park - Russian Literature (live in Edinburgh)]
[download Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure (live in Edinburgh)]

[buy 'Our Earthly Pleasures']


StrikerObi said...

Their lead singer reminds me of Christian Bale in Equlibrium.

Also, Our Earthly Pleasures is pretty good.

Jim said...

I won tickets for this gig, but couldn't be arsed travelling across Scotland to go to it. A couple of weeks later, again from XFM Scotland, I won a year's subscription to a magazine which promptly flded after a week. I need to stop entering their competitions.

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