Live Vault: Cooper Temple Clause at Lowlands 2002

I'm home at my parents' place for the summer, and there's a lot of random live crap floating around on my old computer, so look out for more concert recordings here in the coming weeks.

To begin with, since they just broke up, here's The Cooper Temple Clause from the summer of '02. Can't remember where I got this from, but the sound quality is really good, and the set is almost entirely off their gargantuan debut album 'See This Through and Leave' (still unavailable in the U.S.). Both faces of that album are on show: the noodling, proggy moments - see 'The Lake', 'Murder Song' - as well as the short, sharp kicks in the balls provided by 'Been Training Dogs' and 'Panzer Attack', a song which, appropriately enough, is about short, sharp kicks in the balls. Without the crisp production of the album, the songs sound a lot more raw and ballsy, most notably on their almost-anthem 'Let's Kill Music'. Check it.

[01 Did You Miss Me?]
[02 The Devil Walks in the Sand]
[03 Who Needs Enemies]
[04 Film Maker]
[05 Murder Song]
[06 Let's Kill Music]
[07 Been Training Dogs]
[08 The Lake]
[09 Panzer Attack]


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