Live Vault: Orbital at Glastonbury 2002

So a few years ago I was at Glastonbury and on the Saturday night, the Beta Band played the Other Stage, and hardly anyone saw them, because they clashed with The White Stripes. Pity, but the Betas didn't play 'Dry the Rain', so fuck 'em. (Just kidding, I'll love them forever). But, by the time Orbital began their headlining set, there were more people in the crowd than I've ever seen in my life. And I've been to the Boxing Day sales in London.

This download may be for fans only, but it'll be great if you're running, or driving, or doing anything inspirational. Orbital were a real Glastonbury favourite, and the opening strains of songs like 'The Box' and 'Belfast' are greeted with huge cheers, as are the chimes that signal, well, 'Chime'. Their song 'Satan' is as evil as ever, and I will always remember the sheer euphoria that flew through everyone for the whole set, and not just because we were all deliberately not seeing Stereophonics on the main stage. There's a very cool mash-up at the end of 'Halcyon' that I'll let you discover. If you've never heard them before, I'd much rather you listened to this set than their best-of compilation 'Work' which has crap versions of every song. Bah. The Brothers Hartnoll are now doing their own thing, and it must be weird to split up a band with your brother, but you can keep up with their doings at their website Loopz. There's a DVD coming out with highlights from their many Glasto shows. Buy that.

[01 Remind]
[02 The Girl With the Sun in Her Head]
[03 Funny Break]
[04 Belfast]
[05 Technologiski Park]
[06 The Box]
[07 Satan]
[08 Halcyon]
[09 Frenetic]
[10 Impact]
[11 Doctor Who]
[12 Chime]

[buy some of their fine records]


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