Beef Jerky has an aftertaste

I'm at a low ebb. Today's the Champions League final, which is bad for two reasons. Firstly, it reminds me of the horrible day last year when my team lost in the corresponding match. Also, perhaps worse, today's action will be the last football of the summer. There'll be some friendlies and a couple of England matches before the Premiership is back, but who really cares. August seems so far away.

As for the Final - I can't decide who to root for. As an Arsenal fan, I find Liverpool the least reprehensible of the other Big Three clubs. And the final two years ago was the best match I've ever seen ever. But, Alan Hansen is a giant c-word and I'd like to see him be wrong. Look at his last sentence. Fuck that guy.

So, to cheer me up, here's a song by a band from Australia who look about fifteen years old. They're called Operator Please and sound like what the Gossip would sound like if they were any good. Also, this song is mental.

[download Operator Please - Just A Song About Ping Pong]

[buy 'Cement Cement' EP]


Jim said...

I'm happy cause Milan won. Nothing against Liverpool really, but I tend to want the team that put my lot out to go on and crush everyone else. Especially when they struggled to beat us.
Also, it's funny cause it means Stevie Gerrard looks like a tool again for slagging off Rino. And I *hate* Rino!

Lauren said...

The singer reminds me of Six from the tv show "Blossom." They both speak ridiculously fast.
Upon second listening, i like this song more. It's fun! And definitely ping-pong-ish.

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