Every little piece of your life

A couple of songs from the new Editors record have gone and leaky-leaked. Firstly, there's the lead single 'Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors' [video] which is really underwhelming - got that 'mid-tempo, progressively getting more resonant' vibe that made Snow Patrol huge. Not bad, but not remarkable, and I wish they'd gone for something more instant and affecting as a comeback single. Much better is the album's title track 'An End Has A Start' [(unofficial) video] with its heavier drums, chiming guitars and general 'Back Room' vibe to it. You can hear both songs on this nifty player thing below.

I've got live versions of a couple of other new songs from the band, that they've been playing for a while. 'Bones' is the fast and urgent one, with Tom's cries of "Repeat! Repeat!" and another pulsing chorus, while 'The Weight of the World' may be the band's prettiest song yet. I can't wait to hear what it'll sound like on the record, this live version sets the bar pretty high.

[download Editors - Bones (live)]
[download Editors - The Weight of the World (live)]

[pre-order 'An End Has A Start']


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