She's singing "this is what you get"

Hello! My exams are over - joy of joys. I'll be writing a lot more in here these days, I'm sure.

Since today is May 1st, I could go out and protest globalisation or immigration. But I haven't slept since March, so I probably won't do that. (Don't those two causes seem contradictory? Pick a side!) Instead I'm going to lie around, reading books for fun (haven't done that since last summer), watching films, and watching the Champions League semi finals.

Anyway, here's a song that's calendar-specific. Some love them, some don't (looking at you, Rosie Swash). I'm not quite at the level of people that worship the Libertines, but I definitely love those fuckers. Enjoy.

[download The Libertines - Mayday]


Jim said...

I'm on the "don't" side of things myself. But then, I recently listened to both Menswear and Northern Uproar, making my opinions invalid.

This footie game is like the most expensive game of Pong ever.

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