Live vault: Primal Scream at Maida Vale (2000)

"Good evening.. We're called Elvis Presley, all the way from Memphis, Tennessee..."

Live set for Radio 1, recorded at the legendary Maida Vale studios on March 20th, 2000. It rocks pretty hard. A few months later, I caught them at Reading, where they were playing in front of a crowd of Oasis fans, and it seemed like only five of us cared about the Scream, who sure enough, played up to the antagonism. When they played 'Higher than the Sun' and it started to drizzle and the sun went down, it was one of the best live music experiences I've ever had. In fact, that whole gig is second only to the Flaming Lips. So enjoy this set of angry, politicized, righteous rock and roll from the real last gang in town.

[01 - Swastika Eyes]
[02 - Shoot Speed/Kill Light]
[03 - Pills]
[04 - Burning Wheel]
[05 - If They Move, Kill 'Em]
[06 - Insect Royalty]
[07 - Kill All Hippies]
[08 - Exterminator]
[09 - Kowalski]
[10 - Accelerator]


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