So much for happiness

First things first - whooooo! (Related: Chuck Klosterman's NCAA Blog is worth a look, if you care). Last night there was much debauchery on the streets here in Gainesville, I assure you. Mostly in the way of hi-fives and cheering.

Anyway, back to the program. I've posted songs from great Sheffield bands before, and here's a new band from the Steel City who've put out a pretty good debut single. They're called Slow Down Tallahassee [no website, just a myspace], and I'm not just posting about them because I lived in Tallahassee for four years.

The song, 'So Much For Love' is fun, breezy and easy to hum along to. If the whoa-whoas won't get at you, the harmonies on the chorus will. It might not stick with you, but for three minutes, this is great summer pop. Even if it's one of those "love is crap but let's put on a brave face" lyrics, you'll want to put on a nice dress and dance around your purse like in the 'Disco 2000' video.

[download Slow Down Tallahassee - So Much For Love]


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