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Do you guys in Britain watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Does it play there? They have a film that just came out, with the word 'Colon' in its title. In case you're unfamiliar, here's what Wikipedia says:

The show is about three anthropomorphic fast food items and their life together in New Jersey. The Aqua Teens were originally billed as a detective crime fighting unit; as the series progressed, however, the crime-solving aspect of the show was quickly abandoned. There is very little continuity between episodes; almost all recurring cast members have died at least once. The focus is instead on character interaction and a pervasive form of sarcastic and surreal humor.

I haven't seen the film; I can't see it holding my interest for 75 minutes. The show itself is alright - I really appreciate that the episodes are only fifteen minutes long, that's about as long as I can stomach. In the first series, though, they had an episode called 'MC Pee Pants' which was really funny, and featured the excellent rapper MC Chris. The song in there, 'I Want Candy', reappears on the movie soundtrack, and you can download it below. It's ace and all, and there's a reference to Jessica Tandy. Download lots more songs of his (as in, two albums!) for free at his site. My favourite is 'Fett's Vette', which makes me a huge nerd. Star Wars fans will love-love-LOVE it. Check it out below.

As for Aqua Teen, look out for the episode 'Frat Aliens' - "My dad owns a dealership" - or the one where Carl's body gets replaced by eyeballs. I can't remember what that one's called, I apologise.

[download MC Chris - I Want Candy]
[download MC Chris - Fett's Vette] from www.mcchris.com


Jim said...

Yep, we get ATHF over here. I think it is awesome, especially the few times Danzig shows up, but it still isn't as good as Robot Chicken.
Linked from the Guardian, aren't you popular!

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