"I'd like to throw mirth in prison"

Hot Fuzz is finally out this Friday here in the United States. If you're of a high moral fiber and avoided watching dodgy shakycam rips back in February, here are some ways you can get even more excited:

  • Read my friend Tom Neumark's review of the film, written especially for this site.
  • Read a new interview with Edgar, Nick and Simon at the AV Club
  • Watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight (Wednesday) for Nick and Simon. (12.05am, ABC)
  • Listen to the latest episode of the IFC News Podcast. In tribute of the 'Fuzz, it's about cop movie clich├ęs. Or you'll get your ass sent right back to the precinct.
  • Watch the latest episode of the guys' video blog - filmed by Joe Cornish - as they arrive in New York City as part of the press tour that never ends. See below.

And completely unrelated - go to Stones Throw right now for their free podcast - Madlib Mixes Motown. 64 minutes of Perfection.


Lauren said...

If Joe Cornish is there, where's Adam?

By the look of it, the four of them would be very fun to hang out with. I vote they stop in Florida.

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