Too hot to Trotsky!

Alright, so after I do five/six hours' worth of outlining a night, I put up a song in here. That's how it's going down. Tonight, I got through 'Levez Vos Skinny Fists...' twice. It's so great.

So earlier today I had a very random flashback to when I was taking my A-levels. That'll be about 2000/2001. It was towards the end of term, and our Maths teacher decided that, instead of teaching, he'd play us one of his favourite films - Leningrad Cowboys Go America. No, none of us had ever heard of it either.

It was fantastic! A comedy about a rock band (from Finland, fairly obviously), who go to America and hijinks ensue. It's not available in the U.S. at all, and even in Britain, it seems to be deleted. This is bad news. You'll just have to trust me, that the movie is ace.

The film's great legacy is that the band continue to make records and tour. And they're bloody great. Covering everything from 'My Sharona' to 'Stairway' to 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' and 'These Boots Were Made For Walking'. They often tour with the Red Army Choir (yes, it is what you think) - and you need need NEED to watch this video of their 'Happy Together' right now.

Like I said, they're brilliant. Here's their cover of everyone's favourite dance-pop 90s classic by Haddaway. Sing it loud.

[download Leningrad Cowboys - What Is Love]


Jim said...

Yay, someone else knows who the Leningrad Cowboys are! I'm usually greeted by blank looks any time I ever mention them.

GoAwayPlease said...

"We are The Leningrad Cowboys...
Raising cattle on The Steppes ...
Won't you pour me another Vodka ...
Cos I'm drinkin to forget".

They played a concert in Finland backed by the Red Army Choir which was fantastic and they did 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

They stopped gigging when their director/hero/mentor Aki Karismaki died.
Try Ry Cooder music to study by.
Cool blog Samir - Rock On!

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