I hope that I will live to see you undress

There's been quite a bit of talk about Mark Ronson and Daniel Merriweather's take on that Smiths song lately. Arctic Monkeys don't like it, but Moz&Marr do like it. Me? I'm not so hot on it. This week, Ronson's album of cover versions, helpfully called 'Versions' is out in the UK. Some work better than others - Amy Winehouse's take on the Zutons' 'Valerie' is alright, and there's a horn-heavy take on Coldplay which is pretty cool.

I'm most interested in 'Apply Some Pressure' - dare I say it, still Maximo Park's finest moment to date. Ronson throws in horns and a sexy RnB beat over Paul Smith's patented Geordie yelping. I'm not so keen on it, but maybe that's just because I dig the original version so much. See for yourself, plus enjoy a track from Ronson's mixtape 'Here Comes the Fuzz', which will cold rock the shit out of a party.

A couple of other songs are available here, or you can stream the record at myspace.

[download Mark Ronson - Apply Some Pressure ft Paul Smith]
[download M.O.P. and Mos Def - On Tha Run]


Jim said...

The Smiths cover is growing on me slowly, but not enough to like it. I fully expect it to bypass the liking stage alltogether though and skip from "growing on me" straight to "annoying the piss out of me due to hearing it on the radio once every hour".

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