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Found something funny amongst the NME.COM archives. It's a live review of two bands from the year 2000.

The headliners Terris were cover stars in that weekly rag, and had a singer who was prone to the kind of hyperbole that the press thrives on. "The new Joy Division" screamed the front cover. Because of this, most people dismissed them as crap, and so, by the time their debut album 'Learning to Let Go' dropped in 2001, nobody really gave a shit, and they split up not long afterwards.

Problem is, their debut album is fantastic. Overproduced to death, mind, but fantastic. Anthemic, heavy, raw, emotional, at times crap, it was a great debut. Some reviews said it was a bit too Bon Jovi. They're wrong. And the band didn't have a bass player - but a guy who played keyboards through a bass pedal. Result!

The one time I saw them live was a minor tragedy. They were opening the main stage at Reading (the same day as the Marx-starring Manics show I mentioned the other day) and played four songs before "technical difficulties" forced them to finish. Like I said, most people didn't give a shit, but a few of us were capital-g Gutted.

The other band in that review, who opened for Terris? You might have heard of them. They're called Coldplay.

[download Terris - Cannibal Kids]
[download Terris - Midnight Sun]


Anonymous said...

Oh, good old Terris. Having lived in Wales, I got to see them a few times, even went on telly with them. Great band...

And somehow, I must've come across your blog on that Terris message board, I guess. Bloody long ago.

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