Why don't you come back when you're not Asian?

Just a heads up - over at iTunes, you can grab the first episode of The Human Giant for zero money. The show begins on MTV tomorrow night, and is the much talked about sketch show from Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer. It's pretty funny. There are parts you'll have seen if you've been to one of their shows, or seen any of them do stand up. And there's some ShutterBugs, which you can catch online, but it's still good, and I'm not just saying that because one of them is named after me. Not every sketch hits, but most of them do. And the opening music is 'Romantic Rights'! And there's a great cameo from Mr. Ghostface Killah!

Check out the trailer:


Lauren said...

It looks kinda silly for my taste, however i did enjoy ShutterBugs a lot. I just wish they had more humor like that, rather than...cheating on your boyfriend with a whale. Hmmm.

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