"You're gonna eat your babies!"

Just a quick heads up: the newest episode of Louis Theroux Meets... aired in the Old Country on Sunday night, and luckily for those of us on this side of t'Atlantic, it's already up on YouTube. It's entitled Louis Theroux Meets The Most Hated Family In America. Them being the Phelps family from Topeka, KS. Better known as "the people who picket dead soldiers' funerals".

His shows have moved away from the funnier material of yore (Bodybuilding, Infomercials) to more mature, serious subject matter. This episode is more in line with the Wrestling or Black Supremacists episodes, in which Louis himself looks visibly more shaken than usual. Especially when he's told that the thought of him going to hell gives one Phelps great joy. As usual, it's great television. His interview style and approach is so unassuming, it's interest to compare it to Sean Hannity, or even Tyra Banks, both of whom appear in the episode (in clip form), shouting at the Phelps. Louis doesn't get angry, and so he gets more out of his subjects. They still seem to hate him though.

Watch it! Part one here, then follow links for other parts.


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