We're like a really violent rock band

And, since I was talking about things you can watch in their entirety on YouTube earlier, check out Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend episode about Wrestling. Here's the first part. It's brilliant! The first part is filmed right here in Gainesville. I've been watching a lot of Louis lately (Thai Brides, Televangelists, Bodybuilding...) and this is the most intense one yet, because the man gets pushed further than ever before. The characters this time include Sarge, who will FUCKING KILL YOU, and some people in North Carolina who are slightly less mental. Plus Rowdy Roddy Piper talks about his injuries, Alex Wright unveils a new character, and Randy Savage ignores Louis. I don't watch much telly these days, but I wish it was more like Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.

Bonus: also on YouTube, catch 'Louis and the Nazis' which is more recent than Weird Weekends. I haven't seen it yet, that's the kind of thing I save for my Friday nights.


Lauren said...

"Louis and the Nazis?"

It's like he made the show with you in mind.

I can't wait to watch the wrestling episode. This guys my new buddy.

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