I'll have to move out of this country

Lots of talk about how, for album number five, Idlewild would be moving back to their earlier sound, away from the last album's cozy tunefulness in favour of some more damn distortion. And sure enough, the first three songs of 'Make Another World' show a band with newly refound energy and crunchy guitars and not many vocal harmonies. 'No Emotion' is a bit 80s, and I'm not sure if it's in a good or a crap way just yet, but it's nice to see that Idlewild, too, don't like emo music. That must be what it's about. The single 'If It Takes You Home' is by far the heaviest thing here, but check out the shredding at the end of 'A Ghost in the Arcade'.

There are still plenty of Radio 4-friendly slower jams, but at least 'You and I Are Both Away' inexplicably starts rocking out a couple of times. A couple of songs ('Once In Your Life', 'Future Works') veer toward the "boring" side of "pleasant", but as closer 'Finished It Remains' trots by, with its lyrics about the journey starting at the journey's end, fans will be happy with 'Make Another World'. Idlewild do what they do best, the melodies and tunes remain in tact, but for us younguns there's still plenty of bite to them.

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