Lay me down by the riverside

The new album from Idlewild is due early next year, and the early buzz is that it's more in line with their older material than 2005's lightweight 'Warnings/Promises'. This is more than welcome news as far as I'm concerned, because their '100 Broken Windows' and 'The Remote Part' albums are borderline genius. If this is a return to those days, then I'm happy. To celebrate their return, they're unveiling a new look website next week, and offering the new single, 'If It Takes You Home' for free. All you have to do is go to the site and give them your email address, and they'll send you the song on Monday. The song is ace, with a heavy riff, some gentle pre-chorus bits and then more noise. It's over in under two minutes. I really like this more than anything off 'Warnings'.

You can hear the song on the band's myspace page, although it takes a long time to load.


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