Nothing plus zip equals zero

I may've come across a little hard on the Jiggaman earlier, so here's another couple of dumb awards that I made up.

Best song of the year with Jay-Z on it: Lupe Fiasco - Pressure

Thought about giving this to 'Black Republicans', but this one off 'Food and Liquor' edges the victory. The neat organ break before the chorus is so catchy, and Lupe takes his chance to diss the President, before Mr. Carter kills his guest spot. "My first picture was a line-up, now I'm on the Forbes" is from his top drawer. Holla.

[download Lupe Fiasco - Pressure ft Jay-Z]

Best Chicago hip hop album of the year: (tie) Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor, and Rhymefest - Blue Collar

Love 'em both, man. Kanye is a constant between the two. Lupe ropes in the Neptunes and Jay, whilst his compatriot boasts ODB, the Strokes, and production from Mark Ronson. Both had great singles, like 'Kick Push' and 'Brand New', the latter declaring that Rhymefest is indeed 'wactose intolerant'. Rhymefest knows how to have some fun, and if you can listen to 'Build Me Up' without smiling, you're a better man than I. The second verse in today's selection, 'These Days', is terrific - shouts to Puffy, Kanye, Common, Twista and Eminem ("he be funny and dissin, I bought his album it's a one-time listen"). Rock it.

[download Rhymefest - These Days]


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