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OK, so I'm not going to do a "Top [x] albums of the Year!" post in AYGH? because, well, I don't really like ranking records, and I can't think of too many brilliant albums this year. But what I'll do is put up some songs that I've loved, and give them arbitrary accolades. So here's the first one.

Best version of 'Show Me What Ya Got' of the Year - Lil Wayne and Young Money

Jay-Z came back this year out of retirement, but his big comeback 'Kingdom Come' seemed more concerned with Myspace and Gwyneth Paltrow than being terrific, and so people seemed to dislike it. The lead single seemed like he wasn't trying any more, and Dale Earnhardt Jr showed up in the video.

New Orleans' Lil Wayne isn't the only person to take that beat and try and make it their own, but this time, it just works the best. Read this piece about the supposed beef between Weezy and Hova and it takes on an extra dimension. "I must be LaBron James if he's Jordan" is probably my favourite line in there. It's joyous, confident and just plain brilliant.

You can download the entire Lil Weezyana Mixtape here.

[download Lil Wayne and Young Money - Show Me What You Got]


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