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Best 'Remember how we used to rock like crazy people?' song of the year: Mogwai - Glasgow Mega Snake

In which the mighty 'Gwai turn everything up to twelve, set pedals to 'for serious' and make the kind of racket they did in their pre- 'Come On Die Young' days. There had been some nice noise on the last album's 'Ratts of the Capital', but this year's Mr. Beast saw them play like they mean it. Two minutes into this song, they slow things down, as if to allow you a brief respite to pick up your spilled drink, and then returns to a final minute or so of noise. Recalling the nosebleeds of their earlier material, but clocking in at under twenty minutes? A serious achievement. Shame the album didn't really take off as much as it deserved.

[download Mogwai - Glasgow Mega Snake]

(and yes, I do have law school exams beginning tomorrow, that's probably why there are so many updates at the moment).


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