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Best Song to use the phrase 'hither and dither': Mystery Jets - Purple Prose

The Mystery Jets had a lot of press attention at the beginning of the year, with a slot on the NME Tour, a brilliant single called 'You Can't Fool Me Dennis', and the fact that the singer's dad plays guitar in the band. Then they put out the debut album, and sort of drifted off the radar. That album, 'Making Dens' is well worth a spin - the Jets throw in a lot of ideas and many of them stick. There's a great pop suss throughout, and some really pretty lyrics and just an overarching sense of upbeat-ness throughout. And on 'Purple Prose', a song about sad things that sounds happy, they say "hither and dither", surely not used in a pop song since... well, since ever. And it doesn't sound shit! In fact it's ace.

[download Mystery Jets - Purple Prose]


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