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Best ‘Not greatest hits’ compilation of the year: Arab Strap – Ten Years of Tears

No, I won’t ever say a bad word about them, so quit asking me to do so. They split up, it was sad, but they left us with many memories, many songs and albums with expletives in the titles, and many many great songs. A few of them are on this compilation, comprising their biggest smash hits (um, ‘Packs of Three’, ‘The Shy Retirer’) and some rare versions of other faves, like the original demon of ‘Islands’ and the (not as good as the album version in my opinion) ‘(Afternoon) Soaps’. And there’s a remix by fellow Chemikal Undergrounders Bis, too! If you remember seeing Bis on Top of the Pops then, like me, you’re very old. I hope you enjoy today’s selection, the album finale, a huge roaring climactic take on ‘There Is No Ending’. Sing it loud and sing it proud, and to all a good night.

Also, Jim over at Gimme Back My Head has Aidan Moffat’s new solo record, under the name L. Pierre. It’s very quiet, instrumental, and ideal for studying for law finals to. So check that out.

[download Arab Strap – There Is No Ending]

Best ‘Not greatest hits but has the word greatest in the title anyway’ album: Cat Power – The Greatest

I just love this album. Seek out the Bonnaroo set off this Internet, it’s supreme (oh, ok, go here and here). She’s been really heavily blogged about, so I don’t really have anything new to say about lovely Chan. The title track is one of those which you’re supposed to melt under the influence of. ‘Living Proof’ and ‘Could We’ were much sassier, and you don’t have to be a typical indie boy to swoon to ‘Where Is My Love’. It’s the CD equivalent of a hot chocolate on a cold night.

[download Cat Power – The Greatest]


Jim said...

Y'know, normally I instantly disqualify any kind of compilation from my "best of" lists, but I can't think of a single album (including The Last Romance) that I've enjoyed as much this year as this one.
It's probably the emotion of the split, going to the last gig and so on, but damn it, it's my top choice anyway.

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