Get in the sling, boys

This is brilliant...

Clinic and the Archie Bronson Outfit were due to play a gig next week at St. Martin's College in London (yes, as namechecked in 'Common People'), but they've had to cancel it. Why?

"A small minority of students...saw the show as a perceived disruption to their studies and were threatening to stage a sit-in protest." [from NME]

Isn't that weird? It's a trendy art school, so maybe it's an elaborate art stunt. But I doubt it. Sit-in protests? What year are we in again? They should've done the gig regardless, with fans jumping all over the protesters.

Here's my favourite Clinic song for you to enjoy.

[download Clinic - Monkey On Your Back]


Jim said...

That's my favourite Clinic song too.
Of course, now any mentions of monkeys are tainted by the thought of them wearing trillbys, but not to worry. Hope I didn't put you off the exams too much :)

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