"It's like Neighbours, but riskier"

Best Low Discussion of High Art of the Year: Adam & Joe discussing Trapped in the Closet

Adam and Joe are two comedians from South London. They used to have their own TV show and it was legend. Amongst other things, they used cuddly toys to recreate popular films. One time I saw Adam with a camcorder filming a Beta Band show at Fridge in Brixton. Anyway, those guys have an XFM radio show, which are variable in funniness, but this is definitely an apex. Joe explains the world's greatest saga to Adam, whose reaction should remind you of the first time you saw these episodes. And if, for some bizarre reason, you haven't heard/seen 'Trapped in the Closet', it'll serve as a nice introduction. It's really funny, not just because they're British.

Adam: "His brother's called Tron?"
Joe: "Well it's better than being called Last Starfighter!"

[download Adam and Joe - R Kelly Closet News]

It's part of the compilation of season one highlights of their show - get the whole thing here.

And here's my favourite moment ever from the Adam and Joe show, which annoyingly enough, is not on their DVD.


Lauren said...

I love Adam and Joe.
And not just because they introduced me to the greatest game EVER!
The game show reminds me of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Jim said...

Yep, Adam & Joe is where I first heard of Trapped In The Closet.
More specifically, my friend heard it and told me about it, so I fetched it myself, convinced it couldn't be a real thing. Got very strange looks listening to it on my MP3 player on the bus...

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