I hope your wretched town will fall

I was away for a few days watching bands and eating Cuban food. I'll write about the bands later, but probably not about the Cuban food. Briefly, here are some things I saw on the internet this weekend that I thought you might like.

  • Good Weather for Airstrikes' comprehensive list of last year's best music videos. This will kill at least one entire day, so budget accordingly.
  • Bloc Party! Live for French radio! But no 'Uniform' or 'Song for Clay', alas.
  • Speaking of live shows, grab one here from Girl Talk. It's ideal if, like, me, you prefer to keep a relaxed, "stay at home" kind of work out regimen. It's in super crisp FLAC format, though, so to play it you'll need both a FLAC plugin, and infinite patience (392Mb)
  • There's a new Rush Hour film. It's set in Paris. Why? WHY THE FUCK NOT? [Teaser]
  • The Rakes have posted a new song on their myspace. It's called 'We Danced Together' and it's great. Listen to it.
  • Playing us out tonight, Seafood's gnarliest song. If David Line's lungs can sort it out, maybe they'll make it back over to the US someday. But I'm not holding my breath (thank you and good night)


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