What, no Bloc Party, Arcade Fire or Joanna Newsom?

It's Sunday, tomorrow's a holiday, and Spurs lost today, so all in all, things are good. Oh, and the BBC are commissioning a documentary about "the C-word".

As if to add to this mid-January fun, I just had a look at Virgin Radio's annual "Best 500 Songs of All Time" list, which came out a couple of weeks ago. Now, it's a pretty big undertaking to make such a list, and doing one every Christmas seems to devalue any possible achievement in winning it.

All that said, just check out that top 25. Virgin radio is awesome. Notice the lack of anyone who isn't a white guy. There's a 2006 song at number one (and it isn't 'Crazy' - that's at 255) which you may not agree with. So, there's a song which is a few months old deemed the greatest of all time. Can I get a what, what?

Further, 'America' by Razorlight is top ten. I wrote nice things about them earlier this year, mostly about their song 'Los Angeles Waltz' - incidentally, fact fans, that particular posting is the most searched-for page on AYGH; apparently continental Europeans love them that one lyric - but that song is rubbish, innit? Top ten best songs ever?

So look at their list and look to see where your favourite song charted. Just to save you a few minutes, here's a heads up... Arab Strap didn't quite make the list.

Here's a video of number 35...


Nick said...

What an utterly, indefensibly awful list.

Jim said...

I should really stop reading those lists, they just serve to anger up my blood.

At least Angels wasn't number one though.

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