You know, we know we're not the smartest

There's this band, right. They're called the Notwist. They're from Germany. They put out a record a few years ago called 'Neon Golden' and it's one of my favourites. They mix laptop-based electronica with real songwriting and guitars, and it's beautiful. They have this one song, 'One With the Freaks', which might be on every mix tape I've made in the last three years. They used to be a heavy metal band, too. They've been very quiet for a long time, which is a shame. And though, sadly, I can't report any new material from them, there are two snippets of info.

Firstly, they have a DVD out! A documentary about the making of Neon Golden called On/Off The Record. Downer: it's only available in Germany. To be fair, it's a documentary about the making of an album, so I think I can live without it.

In more immediately gratifying news, UberDrivel has posted a live show of theirs from 2004. It's all great, of course, including a few songs with rap band Themselves, with whom they'd make the 13+God album. There's some great renditions of songs off 'Neon Golden', plus some earlier stuff. But! The reason I'm so excited is because of the opener, a terrific acoustic song called 'Bring It On Home' which, for two and a half years, I have not been able to find anywhere on this planet. Despite searching with impeccable zeal.

So, kudos aplenty to Uberdrivel. Nab the whole set here.

[download The Notwist - Bring It On Home (live in Vancouver)]


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