The greatest comeback since Lazarus

I'm really surprised that The Hours haven't had much attention in the music blogs yet. They've got a good pedigree, having played with Joe Strummer's Mescaleros. They've got big name backing, with Jarvis and Damien Hirst being big supporters. They've got a remarkable history, which you should read here. And, almost as a footnote, they're really good.

Listen to 'Love You More' on their myspace page, with its lyric "I love you more than Tony Soprano, for those who do not know me that's a fuck of a lot". Occasionally they sound a little too much like Embrace, as on the new single 'Back When You Were Good' with its string section, but the lyrics are so honest and powerful that it rises above inanity.

But holy fuck, listen to their song 'Ali In The Jungle' right now. It's about overcoming adversity, set against the backdrop of Ali v. Foreman, namechecking others who've defied all odds, including Nelson Mandela and Beethoven ("Ludwig Van, how I loved that man, the way he was deaf but didn't give a fuck"). It's a great microcosm of what the band have overcome to be where they are now, and it's highly recommended. I'll probably post something else from their debut album 'Narcissus Road' nearer its release.

[download The Hours - Ali In The Jungle]


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