My mother told me to be wary of Fauns

First up, a word about this year’s Oscar nominations. I’m completely outraged – and bear in mind that I’m usually calm and polite and reserved – at the complete lack of Justin Long in the honours. But seriously, aside from a Cuaron shaped gap under the Best Director heading, they’re pretty good. Nice to see the props for Jesus Camp and Water, as well as young Abigail Breslin. What, though, is going on in the Best Song category? Three from the same film, one from a global warming documentary, and Randy bloody Newman? Are they havin’ a laugh?

Anyway, last night I went to see the hexa-nominated Pan’s Labyrinth at the local arthouse place. I enjoyed Guillermo del Toro’s previous film Hellboy, so I was excited for this one, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The imagery is all incredible – look out for the giant toad. I love the historical backdrop and the costumes and battle sequences. The characters are strong, especially Ofelia and Mercedes, and the strong theme of unrest and danger really comes across well. There’s a couple of bits where I had to turn away, I don’t handle amputations or stitches too well. And Javier Navaarrete’s score fits so well. The ending is perfect, too. Don’t miss.


Lauren said...

Is he havin' a laugh?

In the best actor of all time ever category, Justin Long wins every year... my heart.

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