This isn't a pop quiz, it's an intervention

Sorry, didn't write in here for a couple of days. Two reasons, both of them sporting. Firstly, I was here for this and this, which all happened because of this. As you can imagine, the hugging strangers and um, setting fire to trees, has left me pretty exhausted. And to make matters worse, the following night my boys brung the pain to Liverpool for the second time in a week. The Beast is alive, you'd all best watch your mothers.

Anyway, here's what I wanted to write about. 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' is a music-themed comedy quiz show on the BBC. It began in the late 90s, when they also launched comedy quizzes based on sports and TV. None of these shows were every especially funny, very scripted and unspontaneous, and 'Buzzcocks' especially had a very laddish vibe - i.e. women guests were always patronised and there are lots of bawdy, usually lame jokes. It used to be hosted by Mark Lamarr, who's not very funny unless he's having clocks thrown at him.

Anyway, now they have a new host who's slightly funnier, and Bill Bailey, who's great (but subdued in this), but they're still not great to female guests - watch how they bully daytime chat-show host Penny Smith. But the real reason to watch this episode is because of Amy Winehouse, whose single 'Rehab' got much online love a few months ago. She's the highlight of this episode because she is D-R-U-N-K Drunk. So many things to look out for: the Westwood story, the Katie Melua diss, and when she says "I'm having a BILLBOARD time!"

Part One embedded, two and three just there. It's great television, it is.


Lauren said...

Amy Winehouse has HUGE hair. Maybe she should have stayed in rehab?

Also, trapeze cameo. High five!

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