What if I'm not famous posthumously?

If you've ever heard any of Malcolm Middleton's solo material, the title of his latest single, 'We're All Going To Die' probably won't come as a surprise. After all, this is the man who once sang "I'll never be good at anything and my songs are all pish". Whilst dressed as a clown. A clown called Crappo. Or my personal favourite, "My face is a disease". So you'd expect his third solo record to be equally dour and self-deprecating.

And, well, lyrically, you'd be right. But listen to this song! It's probably the most uptempo song he's ever done, and this includes the many albums with his other band. Misery is definitely more fun when it's this rockin'. When he plays it live, I imagine XFM listeners singing along gleefully to the chorus.

The rest of the album 'A Brighter Beat' isn't quite as poppy, but still noticeably more buoyant than the previous two. Give him a look.

[download Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going To Die]


Jim said...

I listened to that song 5 times in a row when I got hold of Malcolm's new album. First two times I couldn't stop laughing. It trully is the most uptempo song about death ever, and is fantastic.

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