The ape blows or I clam.

I think I'm done with random awards for 2006 jams. I didn't get to writing about how much I loved the Long Blondes or Guillemots records, but suffice to say... I did. Lots.

I've got about six more films to watch before I do a "Favourites of the Year" post for that medium. In the last few days, I saw Brick (terrific, noirish, great dialogue, tough to keep up with, there sure is a lot of punching-to-the-face, woah! it's Shaft!, everything comes together in the last few minutes, hey is that 'Sister Ray' over the credits?),

...and The Pursuit of Happyness, which wasn't bad but not really very engaging, though it's hard to fault someone's pretty accurate life story, I suppose. And the guy that plays Russell in Wayne's World is in it. There's one really funny chase scene involving a cab driver and the subway, and Will Smith's character actually spends most of the film running. It's like 'Enemy of the State' in that respect. Only that respect, though.

Happy new year!


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