England is mine, I'll take what I want

Quick link today to an interview with Kele Okereke in the Guardian. It's pretty long but it's fascinating - a frank discussion about racial tension in London, religion, sexuality, and the new record, 'A Weekend in the City'.

I'll write more about it nearer the release, but at this stage, the first five songs are genius, and the last song is genius. The remainder need to grow on me. It'll happen. I'm missing them in Chicago in March by just a couple of days, and that really saddens me.

And the video for 'I Still Remember' just made it online, but good luck getting the MTV2 player to load.


Erin said...

thanks for that. very enlightening. very excited about "weekend in the city" release. will be somewhere buying it the day it comes out.

forgive me. my brain is socrates-addled, not a nice place to be.

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