Public Service Announcement

You should probably pause what you're doing and go over to GWFA because they've got Guillemots' cover of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out, which used to be my ringtone, fact fans. As with The Streets and Pulp previously, so-hot-theyre-molten Guillemots completely make the song their own. Begins like Fyfe's doing his late-night-hotel-bar crooning, but like the original, it completely shifts a minute in. Listen to it, it's got more instruments than you'd care to name.

What's my ringtone now, you ask? Why, it's Get Myself Into It and no, I can't wait to see the (em-effing) Rapture next week

And just because I can't post enough about them, here's a live video of 'Sao Paolo' backed with, I don't know, a million piece orchestra, from last year's Electric Proms.


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