"As if figure skating wasn't gay enough already"

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As I said back in the summer, I'm a fan of dumb-as-shit Will Ferrell comedies. After seeing Blades of Glory last night, I should put a caveat on that. I'm a fan of dumb-as-shit Will Ferrell comedies that were co-written by Will Ferrell.

Blades has four writers, and two directors, none of whom I've heard of before. The directors were, apparently, nominated for an Oscar a few years ago for a short film. A couple of the writers have done some episodes of King of the Hill. The upshot of all this is a film that has funny parts, sure, but just isn't very satisfying. The plot arc is familiar enough: triumph - disgrace - obscurity - redemption - training - near-disaster - triumph, but the jokes are just way thinner than when Ferrell and Adam McKay write them.

It's a shame, too, because there are plenty of very funny people in the film. Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, Jenna Fischer, Romany Malco and Rob Corddry don't really have to much to go with, and you imagine the best lines are improvised. (Winner? "We embarrassed Marky Mark and let down the Funky Bunch"). There's a "grown man admitting to soiling himself" joke, as well as others that are too easy even for a silly film like this. There were a couple of neat cameos, though, including Brian Boitano, who I admit to only knowing from this.

Nick Swardson (from the awful 'Grandma's Boy' has a part that's completely unnecessary, as a creepy stalker to Heder's character. The lead two do well enough, Ferrell reels off the one-liners as you'd expect - "It makes my hair shine like the Belt of Orion" being the most obvious. Wait for it on DVD, people. To be honest, the main reason I went to see it was because my friend used to skate and we needed something to do on a Friday night.

Today's download is really tenuous in its connection to the post, but it's a song I love by a band I love, so there.

[download Super Furry Animals - Ice Hockey Hair]


Anonymous said...

have you ever heard the commentaries on the adam mcckay-will ferrell movies? absolutely brilliant, piecies of art in their own right. in the anchorman one, there's this whole discussion on what they can say on an unrated dvd and the talladega nights one involves alternate history and jet-skis. highly recommended.

- j. henry wolfe

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