Sad drunk and poorly

Well, my hardest exam is out of the way. Still two to go, but there's a few days' breathing space before the next one. In today's exam, I managed to namecheck Kill Bill 2 and Slim Thug, and paraphrase Albus Dumbledore. In other news, I've decided to not shave til next week when the exams are done - and as a result, now I look like Rino Gatusso. Here are some good things on today's internet.

  • Eddie Argos is writing a new column for the Guardian. Here's the first one.
  • The guys that made Lucky Number Slevin are working on the adaptation of Rum Diary, and even though I Watch Stuff isn't stoked, I sure am.
  • Shane Meadows' new film 'This is England' is out this week in, well, England, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. He's been writing about it here and here.
  • There's a new song from The Clientele over at Good Hodgkins - and it's ace.
  • How great are Flight of the Conchords? Answer: really great. And they've got an HBO series coming up.
  • And here's a great song that's ten years old. Signposted solo-Coxon. Very pretty and lo-fi. Enjoy.
[download Blur - You're So Great]


Lauren said...

Last year Flight of the Conchords was the only thing Eddie and co. would talk about/listen to, and even though i tried, i never really caught on. Maybe because everyone spoke so highly of them, i expected more. I don't know. Do they have anything new?

Jim said...

Don't let the Rino-ness take over, next thing you know you'll be randomly kicking passers by in the street up in the air.

Samir said...

Jim, you're right - but even so, I'd still have a World Cup Winner's Medal.

Jim said...

That, and you'd get to kick random passers by, which is always fun. Carry on!

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