Songs for a good weekend spaz-out

In case you don't know, let me tell you something about Law exams. Four months of material condensed into one, four-hour long exam, and 100% of the course's grade is based on that. Scary. Yesterday I wrote 3,500 words in that time, afterwards I felt like I'd been in ten rounds with Mike Tyson, whilst taking part in a triathlon. When I came home, I wanted to play some songs really loudly and jump off my bed and play air guitar for a while, before the requisite going-out-drinking.

To that end, here are ten songs that I love which are ideal for that very purpose. Turn them up. Many of them are track two on their respective albums. Conspiracy? Hmm... Apparently this is AYGH's two hundredth post, so consider this a nice gift.

Sleater-Kinney - Entertain: I never liked S-K til I heard this. Every word is delivered as a defiant fuck-you, and the guitars will blow the nose off your face. [buy 'The Woods']

Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure: I put up Mark Ronson's hornier version the other day, but here you have the original, which is 100% bouncier. [buy 'A Certain Trigger']

The Libertines - I Get Along:
Listen to it once, figure out the part where everyone in North London shouts "Fuck 'Em", and then play it repeatedly. [buy 'Up the Bracket']

Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall: His upcoming album may be named after two of my three A-Levels, but this was off the last one. To the playa-haters, I'll see you later! [buy 'Showtime']

Pulp - We Are the Boyz:
From the expanded 'This is Hardcore', this is Pulp at their rockingest with horns and noise and Jarvis rhyming lads with slags. [buy 'This is Hardcore']

Mos Def - Know That (ft Talib Kweli): I can rap this whole song. Fact. Best post 'Black Star' song by Black Star [buy 'Black on Both Sides']

Primal Scream - Accelerator: The most skull-fuckingly chaotic song from their greatest album. There is no intro - it just kicks off. Kevin Shields make noise. Duck and cover. Come On! [buy 'XTRMNTR']

The Pixies - Tame: loudQUIETloud and all that. [buy 'Doolittle']

Thursday - Between Rupture and Rapture: Well, I like them. And this song lurches and rocks and shouts and lurches and rocks some damn more. [buy 'War All The Time']

Asian Dub Foundation - Officer XX: Not the most cacophonous of ADF's songs, but it's still fantastic. About the Stephen Lawrence murder, it's angry, heavy and brilliant. [buy 'Community Music']

[download Sleater-Kinney - Entertain]
[download Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure]
[download The Libertines - I Get Along]
[download Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall]
[download Pulp - We Are the Boyz]
[download Mos Def - Know That (ft. Talib Kweli)]
[download Primal Scream - Accelerator]
[download The Pixies - Tame]
[download Thursday - Between Rupture and Rapture]
[download Asian Dub Foundation - Officer XX]


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