That's monumentally unhelpful

Keith Richards, a giant voodoo goddess, spontaneous gallows sing-songs, tattoos that melt in the heat, Bill Nighy's real face, endless convoluted personal relationships, a monkey firing a missile, some nonsense about a green light, the word Maelstrom! and a fuckload of crabs.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End is in town, and it has moments positively Lynchian in terms of what-the-hell. It's very entertaining, and unlike the previous chapter, it doesn't leave you angry and confused. The effects are pretty awesome, especially the edge of the world and aforementioned maelstrom. As I said, there is far too much going on to really keep up with, but it's very fun, and I guess that edges it to the side of "worth watching" and not "avoid like schoolteachers at bus stops". Turn off your brain, laugh with Johnny Depp, ponder why Geoffrey Rush is still in it, admire Orlando Bloom and his personality vortex, wonder who's double crossing who, and high-five when Gibbs shouts Maelstrom. Can you tell I love using that word.

No song to post today. I was thinking of 'Sailing Off The Edge of the World' by the mighty Straw, but I couldn't find my copy of it. Sorry!


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