Winding lines and abstract drawings

I feel like it's unfair to Immaculate Machine that I can't write about them without talking about the New Pornographers. First there's the inescapable - singer/keyboardist Kathryn Calder is related to A.C. Newman, and has toured with the New Pornos for the last couple of years. More obliquely, their new song has the word Confessor in its title, as did Neko's terrific last record.

But listen to their fantastic new jam 'Dear Confessor' and you'll see that absolutely killer hooks run in the family. Like the finest moments on 'Twin Cinema', it's bouncy, fun, the alternating boy/girl vocals really draw you in. I've honestly been playing the shit out of this song all day [it's true, check out my page]. They've got a record called 'Immaculate Machine's Fables' (these are the fables? too obvious) out in the summer, they're playing a bunch of dates in Canada, and three in London (June 19th with New Pornographers at the Borderline - sold out!), and they're great. Peep their myspace at once.

As for the song itself, I would put it up, but You Ain't No Picasso already did, so get it from there.

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