You can't be funny

In the interests of full disclosure, I guess I should mention that Look Mexico are friends of mine. The first time I met their singer Matt, I almost threw him out of my cinema, and sure enough we became pals after that. At the band's first gig, they played only Rod Stewart covers. A few line-up changes and EPs later, they have a debut album out on Lujo Records. Things seem to be taking off for them, and I'm very proud. They're on a massive U.S. tour at the moment - the whole country! - and you can check out the dates on their myspace. It's weird to think that a blog in Holland is writing about dudes who I once competitively grew beards against. Don't ask.

They sound very very American, but it will get you nodding and dancing and rocking. I'm biased, of course, but check 'em for yourself. And go and see them, you jerks. Maybe they'll cover the Beastie Boys.

Also, all their song titles are Vin Diesel movie quotes. Personal favourite? 'Guys, I Need A Helicopter'.

[download Look Mexico - You Come Into My House, While I Sleep]
[download Look Mexico - Done and Done]

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