Kissed the boys and made them cry

It's the summer, officially, and the summer is not the time for whiny-ass ballads about broken hearts and dead puppies. Instead, have a song that will warm your cockles. Dragonette are Canadian, but based in London, and have made a record which has loads of pop suss. The Observer wrote nice things about them recently, and it's not hard to see why. Almost every song on their debut 'Galore' has a chorus that shines, and most songs, particularly 'Competition' and 'Jesus Doesn't Love Me' will make you dance so hard. They don't have the in-your-face-iness of Girls Aloud, or the sass of Annie, but there's lots to like here. Lightweight for sure, but more fun than a boxful of puppies. Here's the forthcoming single.

[download Dragonette - Take It Like A Man]

[pre-order 'Galore' (UK)]


Lauren said...

Psst--the lead singer isn't wearing pants.

I have to disagree. I think a box full of puppies is more fun than this band. Just picture, seven or so Jettas. So much fun and cuteness!

This song was alright. It didn't get me involved as much as some previous songs you've posted recently. It was melodic, yes, and enjoyable, but that was it. The other songs linked were more fun. And i like fun.

But please answer me this..what does the song have to do with Georgie Porgy?

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