Don't give the game away

Compared to what we'd heard with 'Limbs', Emma Pollock's first release 'Adrenaline' is a surprise. It's jaunty, but not in the conventional way. The chorus is almost a little bit heavy. Built around a simple piano roof, it's pretty and will hopefully get her some attention. Around the 3.10 mark, it sounds like a vintage 'gados moment, with a second layer of guitars kicking in upon the lyric "I'm looking out for an ambush". I'm very impressed.

As a footnote,'s review of this song is a load of baws. Not because it's negative - they're entitled to an opinion of course - but they seem to dismiss it for not being as kooky as Regina Spektor, which seems a very flimsy reason to dislike it. Also, delgados as a bit like LC!? Huh?

[download Emma Pollock - Adrenaline]

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great song! thanks

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Emma came back!
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