I'm sawdust in a sandpaper suit

As regular readers may be aware, I'm often bemoaning the lack of bands that come to my hometown of Gainesville, Florida. Plenty of bands do come, of course, but rarely are these bands from the top drawer. For once, though, there's a gig coming up that I am legitimately jazzed about. Headlining are Against Me! about whom I'll admit, I don't know anything except that they're Gainesville-based, recently signed to a major label, and are pretty popular. First on will be Future of the Left about whom I again know very little. Except that the band came out of the ashes of Mclusky, sorely missed Welsh punk badasses. I'll be looking into them, too.

Most excitingly for me, though, is the filling in the sandwich. Jersey's finest and friend of AYGH - Mr Ted Leo and (his) Pharmacists will be coming along! I've not seen the band in a few years, certainly not since 'Living with the Living' came out, so it'll be great to see them again. Also, there's a certain 'World is in the Turlet' to be played now.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and predict this: It'll probably be a sweaty evening.

Full tour dates are on Pitchfork.

[download Mclusky - There Ain't No Ferguson]
[download Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Who Do You Love?]


Fashoda Crisis said...

How do from Southend in Essex England, we supported Future Of Left a couple of years back, and I'm hoping you might like the cut of our gib.

Have a listen at www.myspace.com/fashodacrisis and let us know what you think.


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