Live vault: Clinic, Sound City 1999

No, I didn't know this feature was still around either!

A handful of songs here from Liverpool's other finest, from back in 1999. All six songs probably last about ten minutes, and this is from their "still wearing surgical masks" phase. Their newer records haven't done anything for me in a while, but this early material is killer diller.

[download Clinic - 2/4]
[download Clinic - The Second Line]
[download Clinic - CQ]
[download Clinic - Monkey on Your Back]
[download Clinic - Porno]
[download Clinic - IPC Subeditors Dictate our Youth]


Lauren said...

I'm using the phrase "killer diller" from now on.

Jim said...

If Clinic have done anything as good as Monkey On My Back since it came out all those years ago, I've managed to miss it.

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