The situation on Muffler Row

I know I talk about The Best Show on WFMU a whole lot on these pages, but even so, I really need to talk about this past week's show. For the last year or so, they've been introducing various candidates for the Newbridge Mayubinatorial Election, a once-every-decade extravaganza. The candidates all got there the same way, by amassing the requisite 37 signatures, and all made their annoucements with some sort of pancake breakfast. It's a very elaborate - and a very funny - thing.

Anyway, this week Tom Scharpling hosted the Mayubintatorial Debates, from the newly constructed Newbridge Debate Pavilion. Two thirds of the episode were taken up with Tom, Jon and Associate Producer Mike putting on a tour-de-force three-man show.

Some of the candidates:

- Hammerhead: A hardcore enthusiast who now lobbies to get more plastic into breakfast cereal and wants more violent pits at local rock shows.
- Zachary Brimstead, Esq: A 400lb barbershop singer and hates Newbridge. (You can listen to his first ever appearance, from back in 2000, here)
- Timmy von Trimble: Who is two inches tall and a white supremacist. Why?
- Marky Ramone: Drummer for the Ramones, condom salesperson, author of 'Hey Ho! Let's A Drummer's Life'. Big in Brazil.
- "Philly Boy" Roy Ziegler: Screenwriter, sandwich artist, Pencil salesman, Philadelphia Enthusiast
- Tor Halversom: Nefarious chocolatier who seems to strike fear into the heart of all the other candidates. Has a fat son.
- Bishop Pablo Fontana: The Pop Culture Pontiff. Is more likely to talk about David Gordon Green than religion.

What I'm saying is: If you haven't picked up on my many hints, you really need to start listening to the Best Show. Catch the latest archive here. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Just listen to it already, you jerks.

Here's the Newbridge National Anthem, sung by Barry Dworkin, singer in America's Beatles, the Gas Station Dogs. If you've never heard their song, you need to click this at once.

[download Barry Dworkin - Newbridge is Just What You Needed] zshare link


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