Some Enchanted Hairspray

I'm sitting in Orlando. Was planning on getting on the road tomorrow to see my folks, but Tropical Storm Fay rather inconsiderately has the same projected path as my drive, so I'm house-bound for the time being.

You know that episode of Spaced where Tim and Brian have a cultural exchange? My girlfriend and I had a similar deal this past weekend. Kind of. Less of an exchange. I watched two films that she really likes, 'Enchanted' and 'Hairspray'. It was my intention that, in return, she watch 'Jerkbeast', a "classic" that I recently played for my friend Matt, who liked it enough to write about twice. She is not keen on this, however.

But anyway, I watched those two films for with her, and she live-blogged my reactions. Read these here and here.


Lauren said...

Don't worry, tonight is "Empire Records."

...and then maybe some football for you. But not "Jerkbeast". Never "Jerkbeast".

Nick said...

Don't worry, we can revisit the Beast again when you get back.

the almost right word said...

First: If you haven't already seen Empire Records, then go watch it! It's certainly an improvement from Hairspray.

And second: I want to note that you guys obviously watched the NEW version of Hairspray. The original version, with Ricki Lake, was MUCH better.

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