Mother 13 or Sister Shiela?

OK, so you won't take my advice and listen to the Best Show. But how about if a journalist with some actual credibility tells you to? Nathan Rabin, over at the A.V. Club just wrote a "Portrait of Awesomeness" about Scharpling and Wurster, and he does a better job of introducing it.

Most comedy albums lose their pop after a single listen but there are so many levels to S&W that they hold up after a good dozen listens, though if you commute like I do, you might have to worry about the disapproving glares of strangers you’ll engender while laughing your ass off listening to classic routines like “Rock And Roll Car Dealership” (a revealing interview with the co-owner of Gene Simmons Toyota) or “Old Skull”. In “Old Skull” a cynical careerist reforms semi-infamous kiddie punk outfit as a jazz-fusion seven-piece.
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