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Here are some reasons why I was sure, prior to watching, that I would probably love 'Son of Rambow':

1. Jessica Stevenson Hynes is in it. You know, off Spaced and that.
2. This trailer.
3. It's written and directed by Hammer and Tongs, whose last film was not amazing, but I thought it was had some great visual moments and was panned a little more than it deserved. Besides, their music videos speak for themselves.
4. Garth Jennings, specifically, has always come off as friendly and enthusiastic, most recently when co-hosting the Adam and Joe show on 6Music.
5. Also, Adam Buxton is in this.

And now, here are some reasons why, upon watching, I did indeed love 'Son of Rambow':

1. Great '80s soundtrack. Depeche Mode and the Cure! Siouxsie!
2. They say "skill" meaning "awesome". We used to do that back in the day. For instance: around World Cup '90, we used to say "Skill-achi" in honour of the legendary forgotten Italian striker.
3. There's a lot in there that I recognized from my own school days. Particularly the forbidden mystique of the Sixth Form Common Room, although at my school it was just a square drab room and not a bitchin' disco with a doorman.
4. We too used to have French exchange students come over, although they were never as cool as Didier is here. We also had German exchanges, and as a neat contrast, they were resolutely uncool.
5. The scenes where they recreate First Blood, and make their own movie, are fantastic. Jennings' flair for visuals and ideas is still very evident, and it's super creative. Unlike 'Be Kind Rewind', though, the rest of the film is still interesting.
6. The story is pretty low-key and simple (maybe predictable?) but that's okay. It works. The religious themes are not too prominent, and even though it would be easy to do so, the film doesn't really criticize the Plymouth Brethren sect very overtly for its conservativeness. Hynes' character tells a story toward the film that frames their beliefs nicely.
7. How many great child actors do we have right now in Britain? Freddie Highmore... the kid from Millions... Tom Turgoose from 'This is England'... and now, two more.
8. The last scene made me teary-eyed. I don't mind admitting it. Leave me alone.

Highly recommended.

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