Watch these enzymes react

Truth be told, I’m not too bothered about Roots Manuva’s upcoming fourth album ‘Slime and Reason’. Despite having some great, great songs in his back catalogue – not to mention some great guest appearances – I’m still yet to be really impressed by a full-length of his. The last one, ‘Awfully Deep’, was particularly forgettable, and had a song called ‘Toothbrush’ on it, which cost him many cool points.

What’s more, I saw him live at Reading one year, and his show was a shining example of why rap shows are often terrible. Too many hype-men, good songs cut off after a verse, bad sound quality, etc. It was a profound disappointment.

All that being said, the guardian’s just gone and given ‘Slime and Reason’ a five-star review. So my interest has been rekindled. I really hope he’s got it all together. Here’s a classic from an earlier record.

[download Roots Manuva - Juggle Tings Proper]


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